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Save Bedford, TX

About Save Bedford, TX
Citizens Against High Density Development

This group of Bedford citizens was organized in 2017 as the Bedford Citizens Against More Apartments to fight a proposed development by Realty Capital to build 600 - 800 apartments on land that the city refers to as Bedford Commons. The original concept was for a mixed use development to create a center of town to promote Bedford.

The City of Bedford lists this description on their website

"Central Bedford is on the road to imagining a place where residents and visitors can enjoy a stroll through a unique place. Picture a center of town where you could walk to the library and afterwards walk to have lunch at an outdoor bistro. The Vision for Central Bedford will serve as an action plan to promote Bedford, guide future development decisions, and encourage economic activity with a set of short and long term strategic actions."

The development that was proposed was only to be apartments with no promise of any future mixed development. The citizens rallied to fight this project and at a city council meeting where several hundred citizens came to show their opposition the proposal was defeated by a 5-2 vote against.

This year Realty Capital returned with a smaller proposal of 240 units which we believe will lead to further units being built to achieve their original goal of 600-800 units. We feel this current effort is a "backdoor" approach to get their way.

This year we have "dusted" off the organization and reformed, only bigger and better this time and renamed the group to Save Bedford, TX.. We have formed an executive committee made up of citizens that are active and known in the community from neighborhoods all across the city. This is not a neighborhood issue, this is a city issue. We have started collecting funds and have hired an attorney.

We are not anti-apartment. We would welcome the redevelopment of older developments where possible. We are against high density and we want to preserve the remaining undeveloped land in Bedford for future business opportunities to generate both property tax and sales tax revenue as well as create a business development that will bring people from Hurst, Euless, Colleyville and Grapevine to our city to spend their money here! We know that the time may not be right for such a development, so we are urging patience to our city leaders not to waste the land today and save it for our future growth.

Facts on Bedford

  • Bedford is the second most densely populated city in Texas with 5,000 people per square mile.
  • 47% of our city residents live in high density residential developments.
  • There are over 35 high density residential developments in Bedford.
  • Bedford has over 8200 apartment units, that is a density of over 820 per square mile.
  • High density residential places added burdens on police, fire, ems and schools.
  • High density developments decrease home values by 14%
  • Much of our valuable street frontage has been taken up by high density development leaving no space for future business growth.
  • Bedford has less than 3% of it's land remaining for development.
  • Bedford desperately needs more businesses to generate more sales tax to help sustain our city services.
  • We do not have land to waste on more high density developments.
  • This is not a new issue. Bedford citizens have been against more high density development for over 30 years.
  • Many of our current council members ran for election on the promise of No More Apartments.
  • They say we need more millennial's, but there are already over 10,000 living in Bedford. That is 1 out of every 5 residents.
  • We do not need more people we need more business generating sales tax revenue.

We Need Your Help

The Save Bedford group is proceeding with having a legally binding zoning ordinance change drafted by an attorney who specializes in these matters. This zoning ordinance will change the density requirements for development in the City of Bedford to prevent high density developments on the remaining undeveloped land in this city and preserve it for future economic development.

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