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Save Bedford, TX

Save Bedford, TX


March 23, 2019

City to Buy Out Capital Realty
At the City Council meeting on Tuesday March 26th item #7 on the agenda was a resolution for Council to approve authorizing the City Manager to execute an all cash contract of sale with Realty Capital to purchase the land they bought from Total.

With the approval of the resolution and the closing of the sale RCM will no longer be involved in Bedford Commons.

This signifies a complete success and a definitive conclusion of our efforts against RCM and the city to turn Bedford Commons into a field of apartments.

To everyone who supported us and helped make this possible, a heartfelt thanks and congratulations!


March 15, 2019

The new density ordinance is in effect. Realty Capital has an active submission underway at the time of the passage of the new ordinance so as a result they are grand fathered on that project. The current revised site plan before the city still does not appear to be compliant to us and no appearance before P&Z has been scheduled as of this date. We are monitoring the situation and in the event that they are allowed to come before P&Z we will show up in force to speak against their plan.

As a result of the ordinance change they can no longer consider a bigger project on adjacent land owned by the city which they hope at one time to develop as well.

Recall Information

The status is still officially SUSPENDED. We did have two meetings with the Mayor, one at the end of November of last year and the other the first week in January of this year. We have seen some positive response from the Mayor addressing some of the issues we brought up with him so we are optimistic that we may not have to move forward with this action.